The Marauder's Harry Potter
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Me, myself and I

I've surf the net and found this picture of me

Name: Joy
Nick name: Giggles, Witch
Age: 24
From: New Zealand
Hair: Brown
Eye: dark
Colour: Blue, Purlpe and yellow
Books: The Saddle Club, Harry Potter, any thing by Hillary Milton, Deepwater Black triligy, Lord of the Rings (I need to get me an Elf boy)
Movies/TV: Camp nowhere (starring Andrew Keegan and Jonathan Jackson), Free Willy (123), Harry Potter, Flipper, Deep Impact (hankies ladies), Power Rangers, Lord of the Rings,  
Stars: Hanson, Moffatts, Good Charlotte, Gene Pitney (the late), Guy Mitchell,  Zed, Cast of Harry Potter, Andrew Keegan, Orlando Bloom, Christina Ricci, Cast of the Saddle Club, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Viggo Mortensen
Album: none
Song: honey (By a Sixty artist), twenty-four hours from Tulsa by Gene Pitney 
Animals: Horses, Unicorns, Pegacorns, pegusus, cats, dogs, birds ect
Author: Bonnie Bryant, Hilary Milton and Ken Catran
Food: chicken, fish and vegies
Food: Offal, Red meat,
Pet Peeve:  rude, too face people
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